Cryan Shames- Synthesis

This is NOT the lame bubblegum of "Sugar and Spice", these Chicagoans' biggest hit. This is "Synthesis" their final LP, and most mind blowing. It has its own post "Pet Sounds", "Sgt. Peppers" thing going on. The multiple part songs are all excellent with amazing harmonies. By this, their 3rd record The Shames had 4 solid singers/songwriters in the band, so the material is top of the heap late '60's psych pop rock sounds. Yes, it IS as good as the Beach Boys or, say the Bee Gees or Hollies of the era. In fact, if you took the best songs from "Synthesis" and their previous LP (also excellent, still garage-y) "A Scratch In The Sky" you would have an albums worth of some of the most intelligent rocking beautiful music of the '60's era bar none!! Well, so says I! OK, actually you don't need their "First Train To California" or their take on the Youngbloods "Get Together" but then again Chicago rock of this era was horn-addled rinky-dink shit, so the less-than-perfect batting average here is better than most!! Right, but the lead track is so good you'll freak! Roll a nice one for this. Go Bears.

posted by nick on 1:58 PM

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